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The First Habit of an Effective Leader

Investing in Others
Invest in Your People in Addition to Investing in Yourself

As I scanned news feeds, I read about the various investments companies are making to improve its operations, grow its footprint, add additional services, or increase its revenue. MCPc (Cleveland based data protection company) made an additional investment in Erie, PA. Intel just laid the cornerstone for Mobileye’s new global development center in Jerusalem. Cleveland Clinic announced plans to build a Neurological Institute building and expand the Cole Eye Institute. Baldwin Wallace University, with support from other organizations, collectively invested $5M to open a new center for veteran students in Berea, OH.

These investments are good for spurring growth. Likewise, good leaders continually invest in themselves and in their people. The first habit of an effective leader is a continuous investment in himself/herself. Personal growth is how a person expands their leadership. Many entities grow because the leaders grow. Others have reached their capacity and have plateaued because their leaders are not growing.

Consider these five tips.

  1. Growth is the Only Guarantee That Tomorrow Will Get Better. At one point in its history, Intel used the tagline Sponsors of Tomorrow. In effect, the company was saying, “We don’t worry about the future; we invent the it.” To prepare for the turbulence of change tomorrow, we need to prepare ourselves by growing today.

  2. Growth Means Change. Herbert Gerjuoy said, “The illiterate of the future are not those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” According to Gerald Brooks, “Every level of growth calls for a new level of change.”

  3. Growth is the Great Separator Between Those Who Succeed and Those Who Don’t. John Maxwell said, “Growth’s highest reward is not what we get from it, but what we become because of it.” As important as goal setting is, growth is more so. Maxwell went from asking how long will it take (goal question) to how far can I go (growth)?

  4. For Growth to Be Maximized, It Must Be Strategic. Where do you need to focus your growth? How can you measure and affect your growth? What can you do to grow daily? Focus, measurement, and consistency are strategic keys.

  5. Growth is Joy. Growth is a pursuit. Enjoy the journey. Remain teachable. Invest in your people to help them grow and watch your organization soar. A winning organization is a growing organization.

As stated in a previous blog, change is no respecter of industry. It affects everything and everyone. So embrace a mindset of continual growth and adaptability. Invest in yourself and your people to prepare for the turbulence of change. Investing in yourself is the first habit of an effective leader.

To receive more leadership tips, please contact us. At Apogee, we work with entities to strengthen their pipeline of leaders. We specialize in helping others lead through change. We welcome the opportunity to help you grow your team and/or you in the areas of leadership and personal growth.

That's it for now. Until the next tip....

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Mike Nwankwo

Founder & CEO


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