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Privilege at Work

Considering Your Privilege Makes You a Better Colleague

Another great tip from Harvard Business Review (read the entire article at

We all benefit from some degree of privilege — whether it's related to your race, gender, abilities, class, or other factors. These facets of our identity are part of our professional lives, whether we like it or not. Acknowledging your privilege can lower your defenses, demonstrate vulnerability, and set the tone for inclusive behaviors.

Start by doing some reflecting. Which parts of your identity act as tailwinds in your day-to-day work life? These may be things you hardly ever think about because they rarely face resistance or scrutiny: for example, your education status if you went to college and work in an industry where the majority of your colleagues also went to college. Next, remind yourself that your privileges are not character flaws or reasons to feel ashamed; they're just a part of who you are. Finally, pay attention to what’s happening around you. Who is speaking up? Who is not? Who is given the automatic benefit of the doubt? Who must work harder to prove themselves?

Becoming more aware of these factors will help you become more empathetic and sets the tone for a more inclusive team culture.

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