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Are You Aware?

As we concluded an Inclusive Leadership workshop with one of our clients, one executive remarked that this video, The Look (courtesy of P&G), made a significant impact on him. We spent several hours teaching on diversity, equity, and inclusion from an inclusive leadership perspective.

Many of us have subscribed to the various stereotypical descriptions of certain people groups. We all have biases, both conscious and unconscious. These conscious biases can be illicit or purposely damaging to others. However, unconscious or implicit biases can inflict harm without the transmitter knowing it.

As a consultant and corporate trainer, we work to help make the unconscious conscious. People who are unaware cannot make the necessary changes for good. Thus, awareness is the first step of transformation.

I applaud the executive and his peers who are now asking themselves deeper questions about some of the unconscious biases that may be preventing them from becoming the best inclusive leaders they can be. Having accountability partners to help identify blind spots is an effective key.

As you watched the video, what thoughts came to mind? When the video began, how did you think it would end? Have you ever experienced anything similar? Have you ever reacted as the others did to the protagonist? Please share your thoughts.

That's it for now. Your candid feedback is both welcomed and appreciated. At Apogee, we work with entities to build an inclusive culture that brings out the best in others through diversity, equity, and inclusion. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we specialize in helping others through consultation and premier leadership training programs and experiences. Find out more at

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