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Really. You can do it! Seriously. YES YOU CAN!

Even the best of us needs encouragement. The truth of the matter is our Creator has endowed us with incredible abilities. Often those abilities lay dormant until an external stimulus spurs us to take action, we receive encouragement from others, or we discover this great internal gift on our own. Unfortunately, there are many who are allowing their gift to go unused. This does not have to happen to you. I want to help bring out the best in you. You have it on the inside already. Perhaps you just need someone to come alongside to help you identify your gift and your purpose. You will never be the same once you start operating in your area of giftedness and living in your purpose.

You can have the abundant life. Say it aloud. "I can have the abundant life." Not only "can" you have the abundant life, once you make the right decision and commitment, you "will" have the abundant life. Decide today to be better and make a commitment to follow through no matter what.

I am reminded of the movie, The Help. One of my favorite scenes is below.

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